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Carer Support

Birmingham Carers Hub offers a wide range of support and services to carers in Birmingham

Birmingham City Council has commissioned a range of support for carers which is available via the Birmingham Carers’ Hub.

Please Visit:

Please Visit:

What is a carer’s assessment?

As a Carer you have a right to a statutory assessment under the Care Act 2014.

A carer’s assessment is a discussion with you that will help us understand the physical, emotional and practical impact that caring has on your life and to ensure you can access appropriate support services to help you in your role.

If you are care for an adult and caring has a major impact on your life, you can talk to Birmingham Carers Hub about the help and support you may need. This is called a carer's assessment which Birmingham Carers Hub undertakes of behalf of the Birmingham City Council. This can happen even if the adult you care for is unwilling to accept help. Your assessment gives you the chance to discuss your needs.

To request a carers assessment, please contact Birmingham Carers Hub:

Birmingham City Council:

Carers Well-being Payment

Birmingham Carers HUB offers carers wellbeing payments to eligible adult carers (aged 18 years or older).

As part of undertaking a statutory Carer assessment (caring for someone aged 17 years or older) your needs as a Carer will be identified. It will be agreed with you how these needs will best be met and what specific outcomes you want to achieve. Your outcomes can be met in a number of ways such as the offer of advice, information and support services. It may also include allocating you a Carers Wellbeing Payment.

To request a statutory carers assessment please contact Birmingham Carers HUB by:

Email -
Telephone - 0333 006 9711

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Local Services, Let Ian Hazel Funerals Ltd